The name of Climens first appeared in the middle of the XVIth century. Its terroir of limestone is from then on known for the production of fine wines. In 1855 it is recognized as a 1er Grand Cru Classé. Freshness and delicacy characterise the sweet wines of Château Climens, as well as our different

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The family vineyard is fully certified organic with 50ha all together. The Château, in an 18th century Chartreuse-style architecture, is surrounded by its park and woods, and is the ideal place to visit and let yourself be taken back in time. Do not hesitate to come and taste our range of wines, both traditional and

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Château de Rayne Vigneau is a magical property. Its terroir sprinkled with precious stones is one of the most beautiful of the appellation. The vineyard, in one piece, covers 84 hectares. The Château de Rayne Vigneau proposes one-of-a-kind visits and prestigious tastings. You will understand the different stages of tasting our wines, and you

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Grand Cru Classé in 1855, it was acquired in the mid-19th century by the current owners’ ancestors. Château Doisy-Védrines is located on the clay limestone hilltop of Haut Barsac. The soil work in the vineyard is done traditionally. Manual harvests are done by sorting continuously (6 or 8 times). Fermentation and aging take place in

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Be a part of our discovery experiences and visit Château Sigalas Rabaud from a new perspective. To live unique experiences, we imagined different facets to the visits: sensory, historical, recreational. Discover the know-how of a family rooted in Sauternes for 6 generations now. Château Sigalas Rabaud Rabaud Sigalas - 33210

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Château Caillou offers visits and tastings for those who like to discover old vintages, and also provides educational tours for children. Château CAILLOU 9 Caillou - 33720 BARSAC 05 56 27 16 38

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At the estate, we have our feet in the water, in the water of the Ciron! You might as well take the opportunity to canoe down the river from the nautical base up to the estate between July and August (more information available at the Langon tourist office). Located in the heart of the

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Tour given by the winemaker Guy Despujols, on weekends and holidays everyday at 3 PM or, by appointment only, at 10 AM. The duration of the visit of this magnificent estate is between 40 minutes - 1.5 hours. Château Lamothe-Despujols 3 Lamothe - 33210 SAUTERNES 06 80 23 27 34

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For 200 years, our family has been cultivating the lands of Château Simon and currently, 2 generations work together combining tradition and modernity. In a family setting and a friendly atmosphere, we invite you to come share our passion and discover our cellars and our great wines for an authentic and unique moment. We

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We propose a journey to break into the world of the winegrower in their daily life and better appreciate the nectar of their wines. Here, we talk about terroir, vines, seasons, man's work, winemaking... everything that goes into each glass of wine during the final tasting. It starts with a journey through the vineyards

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