Created in 1979 by a dozen winegrowers to facilitate the access and direct selling of their wines, the Maison du Sauternes now has about sixty references. This association of producers welcomes you every day with the opportunity to recreationally discover the differences and characteristics of all these sweet wines through tastings.

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At Château Coutet, the generations do not just succeed one another: they cooperate, always two and two, to reassure and complement each other. The vineyards of Château Coutet, in the great tradition of the Sauternes and Barsac appellations, are planted with Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle. We invite you to discover our property and

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Surrounded by a 200-hectare park, the estate is promising as a breathtaking place of inspiration. Visits and tastings of 1er Cru and second wine, appointment required. Aroma workshops: discovery of the aromas of Sauternes and a Château Suduiraut masterclass. Three-cheese workshop: tasting of three grand vintages paired with different cheeses. CHÂTEAU SUDUIRAUT

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Château Filhot was created in 1709 by Romain de Filhot, an advisor to the Bordeaux Parliament. It was passed on to the current owner: Count Henri de Vaucelles. The 62 hectares of planted vines and the Château Filhot park are located on the south side of the Sauternes hill. Famous for its wine, Filhot

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By appointment only, visits and tastings. Currently, there are still agricultural buildings and a well, all dating back to the 18th century. The cellar (1896) is the work of the Bordeaux architect Forgeaudoux, very captivating with its aesthetic design and technical layout. Château Roumieu - Lapinesse 33720 BARSAC

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Visit of the cellars and tastings. The Château, now with 35 hectares in Sauternes and 12 hectares in Graves, has never stopped reinventing itself to keep on excelling. Thanks to the progress in winemaking, the transmission of know-how and the applied work of a family team, their wines have succeeded in rising to the

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What better than relaxing at the pool? Under the sunshade, lying on comfortable sunbeds, immerse yourself in the peaceful beauty of this place and its landscape. You can also explore the area on foot or by bike. Château MANGAR - 8 Camperos - 33720 BARSAC 06 84 00 95 80

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Château Piada welcomes you for a tasting as well as a painting exhibition including artwork from Marie Lalande. Château Piada - 33720 BARSAC 06 78 33 35 58

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Visits and tastings every day, with or without an appointment. 2 tastings to choose from: 3 wines from the property or 3 selected Premier Grand Cru Classé vintages Convivial or private format. Tour option with lunch at Restaurant La Chapelle Languages spoken: French, English and Norwegian Château Guiraud - 33210

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Château Doisy Daëne welcomes visitors, no appointment needed Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 12:30 PM and from 1:30 PM to 5 PM. It offers a tour of the cellars and gardens (vegetable patch and beekeeping) as well as a tasting at the boutique of 3 wines from the family properties. To best

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